Sunday, March 18, 2007

Imittos Mt (Athens)

During a nice sunny day at Imittos Mt (Athens), a short 1-hour hike gave us 20 species, including Chukar (20), Blue Rock Thrush (5), Rock Nuthatch (1), Subalpine Warbler (3), Sombre Tit (2), Rock Bunting (1), Cirl Bunting (3). It seems that the important summer migrants have not arrived yet

Chukar on the rocks, close to Spurge, a very common Mediterranean plant

Beautiful pose of a Chukar

Blue Rock Thrush

Subalpine Warbler

Typically seen at the edge of a rock, a Blue Rock Thrush is patroling its territory

Not the best pic of a Rock Bunting cleaning up its feathers
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