Monday, March 26, 2007

Portraits of Lycabettus Hill (Athens)

Finding birds in the center of Athens can be much easier than one may imagine. A small walk to Lycabettus Hill gives the chance to really close encounters to many species of birds, from the very common Chaffinches to the "tropical" Hoopoe.

The Chaffinch is a very common breeding bird in Lycabettus

The Serin is also a very common breeder in Lycabettus. Every spring, tens of pairs use the pine trees for nesting, most of them departing every autumn for lowland areas.

The Hoopoe is a summer visitor to Lycabettus, the first birds arriving as early as late February! Several pairs nest in rock crevices, and early in the morning birds can be seen looking for food very close to the city streets that surround the Hill.

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