Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Portraits of Lycabettus Part 3

The Robin is the commonest winter visitor of Lycabettus. From October to April a great number occupies every available piece of land. It is often called as the "Winter Nightingale" as it is. perhaps, the only bird that sings during the whole winter period. A small number (less than 5 pairs) breeds in the hill.

The Black Redstart is much commoner winter visitor in the built areas that surround the hill, than inside the hill itself. Nevertheless, birds can be found even in the heart of the pine forest that occupies most of Lycabettus hill.

The Firecrest is a very common winter visitor, much commoner than the Goldcrest. Restless and very agile, it is generally very easy to hear but not so easy to "shoot". I got real lucky with that little fellow!

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