Tuesday, October 09, 2007

An interesting blog with lots of rare European species

The small islet of Antikythira is sited between Peloponese and Crete, just below the island of Kythira. Thus, this is the eastern bottleneck for migration of birds from and to Europe.

Every spring and autumn, thousands of birds are observed in the island, especially some impressive huge flocks of raptors.

For example, these are the highlights of September 25th observations:

3 Lesser-Spotted Eagles (A.pomarina), 2 Egyptian Vultures (N.percnopterus), 2 Long-legged Buzzards (B. rufinus), 20+ Booted Eagles (H.pennatus), 2 Pallid Harriers (C. macrourus), and 1 Short-Toed Eagle (C. gallicus).

Simply visit the blog http://blogs.ornithologiki.gr/osa/ for the latest reports from the Antikythira Observation
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