Monday, May 05, 2008

Athens 2008 Bird race (part I)

3rd Athens Bird Race had a great success. Our team, consisting of myself and 2 birders from Holland (Elbert & Henk Groenewoud) reached the 2nd place in the overall ranking, with 91 species seen around Athens, from 6am till 8pm. This was the first time a team of non-greek birders took part in the race, and thus we encourage birders from all over the world to come and enjoy this great competition.
Nick Probonas' team was the champion for the 3rd consecutive year, having won all three competiotions. 3rd team was Chris Vlachos team, with only one species difference from ours!

Here are some pics and soon I will send the full species list of our team in the race

Eastern Orphean Warbler @ Imittos Mt (Photo by Henk Groenewoud)

Sombre Tit @ Imittos Mt (Photo by Henk Groenewoud)
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