Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pectoral Sandpiper @ Axios river, N. Greece

A Pectoral Sanpiper (Calidris melanotos), an american vagrant
from Blog:

The autumn migration is in progress and it was a matter of time until the first rarity appears in the nearby wetlands of Axios. So last evening, Odysseas informed as that he found one Pectoral sandpiper in a small pond. This bird is considered to be an American species that for some reason was found here. The same species have been spotted here by Odysseas the same time of year last year. After 15 days without going for photos this morning we were out in the field. We were moving slowly while we were checking every single wader. After a while another birdwatcher informed us that the bird was a little bit further. Indeed we found it and we filled up our CF cards. Satisfied we took our way back!

The importance of such sightings and their offer to the bird migration science is something to be doubted. They can be part of the statistical error but they can also indicate new trends in the spreading of the populations. For sure they give great satisfaction as a birdwatcher and as a photographer!
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