Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Athens East Coast

Overwintering birds have started to arrive around Athens. The weather is not very cold yet, so most ducks are is very low number.
Highlights of the day (46 species):
Schinias National Park: Greater Spotted Eagle, Hen Harrier, Little Owl, Moustached Warbler, Zitting Cisticola
Loutsa Lagoon: Snipe (3), Sparrowhawk
Vravrona Estaury: Little Egret (2), Kingfisher

This Little Owl (Athenae noctua) - Κουκουβάγια was sitting just beside the road

I am keeping an eye on you!

Common Buzzard (Buteo buteo) - Γερακίνα perching of a Fig Tree, next to Vravrona's archeological museum
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