Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bluethroat, a ringed Cetti's Warbler & much more

This is definately my lucky week. I managed to see two lifers in two days, both around Athens.

Yesterday was the Pallid Harrier, today was the Bluethroat, not such a usual visitor around the city. I put all pictures, even the bad ones, for better identification. The bird was wagging it's tail, and you could see the stripes like moustaches in the face, as well as the rufous-orange coloration in the sides of the tail.

Bluethroat @ Schinias National Park

Bluethroat @ Schinias National Park

Other important sightings of the day: Little Grebe, Ferruginous Duck, Garganey (30) Common Buzzard, Kestrel, Marsh Harrier, Marsh Sandpiper, Snipe (5) Greenshank, Black-tailed Godwit, Hoopoe (heard), Red-rumped Swallow, Northern Wheatear, Penduline Tit, Black-headed Wagtail, Rock Nuthatch (heard), Subalpine Warbler, Cretzschmar's Bunting, Reed Bunting, Corn Bunting

Ferruginous Duck @ Schinias National Park

Cretzschmar's Bunting @ Schinias National Park

Two fellows Northern Wheatears, establishing their areas

Penduline Tits @ Schinias National Park

Cetti's Warbler waking up the whole wetland with it's loud song.
With a better look at the bird, one can see it was ringed (right leg), but unfortunately the photo is not helping a lot...

Black-tailed Godwits (5 total)

Two Marsh Sandpipers and a Greenshank

Reed Bunting @ Schinias National Park

Meadow Pipit @ Schinias National Park

Chiffchaff @ Schinias National Park
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