Friday, August 13, 2010

Birds of my garden/balcony

We could listen to this Little Owl all year long, we saw it a couple of times, sitting in the next block's unfinished building, but yesterday I had the chance to take a few pics. Very poor light, low speed (1/13sec), 400 ISO, but I least I got these pics for my garden's photo album!

Little Owl (Athena noctua) - Κουκουβάγια

Alpine Swifts (Apus melba) - Σκεπαρνάς are seen every day this year, flying around the block. Usually groups of 5-10 birds, together with Pallid and Common Swifts which are even harder to capture on camera

Great Tit (Parus major) - Καλόγερος are heard often, but rarely do they leave the well covered foliage of bushes and trees. This one perched for a while on the wire
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