Sunday, March 18, 2012

Vravrona's latest arrivals

Spring has come and so have the first migrants. Among the numerous Chiffchaffs, one Eastern Bonelli's Warbler (aka Balkan Warbler) was seen in the bare branches of a fig. First ever seen in the area in 2011, it seems that this - once thought to be very rare - bird, is actually a regular spring passage migrant that was overlooked in the previous years.
Balkan Warblers are now regular sightings every spring in south Greece

Another late visitor is the Rock Bunting. Although it is a winter visitor, no birds had been seen until early March, suggesting a small through-passage in the area, instead of wintering this year. 

Wintering or passing Rock Buntings can often be seen in low altitudes, even at sea level.

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