Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Black storks near Athens!

A group of four adult Black Storks was sighted at a small gorge east of Erythres village, at the northwest of Attica. This small gorge with a very beautiful stone bridge is formed by Asopos River, a small river that exits to the southern Evoikos Gulf very close to Oropos Lagoon. 

Black Storks are very rare in Athens, and this is the first summer record
The river itself was full of Balkan frogs, Striped Terrapins and Attica Minnow, a critically endangered endemic freshwater fish found only in a few localities of southeastern Greece. The surrounding farmland and scrubland held. among others,  lots of juvenile Red-backed, Lesser Grey and Woodchat Shrikes, along with Hoopoes and Black-headed Buntings. 

Erythres area itself was also very rewarding, as the White Stork pair is raising three chicks, while Lesser Kestrels were perching on wires in the plain north of the village. They are most probably birds that have nested at nearby villages and their are preparing for their long journey to Africa. 

Erythres village hosts the sole nest of wild White Storks in Attica

Lesser Kestrels are seen every summer

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