Friday, August 09, 2013

White Storks at Schinias!

Every August, a substantial number of White Storks migrates south through Attica. Even though the main migration path is the Bosporus Straits and the turkish coast, flocks of hundreds of birds can be seen flying over the east coast of Athens, especially Cape Sounio. Seeing them on the ground, however, is not common as most of the wetlands are usually dry. This year's exceptional rainfall resulted in wetlands like Schninas be still flooded in August. On the 9th, a flock of 102 White Storks was seen in the heart of the wetland, resting and feeding.

After a few hours, when the heat created thermals and the wind became stronger, the flock started to gain height in order to continue its long trip to Africa...

Along with the White Storks were several more passage migrants, including Little Egret (more than 50), Glossy Ibis, Black-tailed Godwit, Wood Sandpiper and Garganey. 

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