Thursday, September 12, 2013

Egyptian Vulture over Athens!

Adult Egyptian Vultures that nest in the Balkans migrate from and to Africa through Turkey and the coast of Lebanon, Israel and Egypt. Juveniles, however, attempt to cross directly the Mediterranean through Greece. This is a shorter, though much more dangerous, trip as the birds have to cross large tracts of sea.

Athens and more specifically the surrounding mountains play a vital role on those birds trip. They are a great source of the much needed thermals. In the past, when Egyptian Vultures were much more common, birds could be quite regularly seen overflying the area. Nowadays, unfortunately, the species is so rare that its passage is unnoticable....

This 1st year bird was seen soaring above Kaisariani Aesthetic Forest in Mt Hymettus in the afternoon. It stayed for a few minutes, trying to find a place to roost but a local Sparrowhawk mobbed it and the bird continued south... We wish all the luck (because it will need it...)

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