Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Birdwatching in Athens: Spring arrivals@Vravrona

This is the best period of spring migration and every day brings new birds to Athens. Today, a Great Snipe was seen along with several Common Snipes, Wood Sandpipers and a Ruff in a flooded vineyard, very close to the wetland of Vravrona. Red-throated Pipits were also present, while Squacco Herons were fishing at the estuary of Erasinos river. Very close to the estuary, a Little Crake was foraging in the flooded banks of the river.
Squacco Herons are very common in sprin

Little Crake is regular and widespread in spring, albeit very hard to see (if someone is not patient enough)

Red-throated Pipits are usually seen in the ground, rarely perching on wires 

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