Friday, May 09, 2014

Birdwatching in Central Greece: Mt Antichasia and Meteora Rocks, May 2014

The mountain range of Antichasia in Central Greece is one of the premium birdwatching sites of the region. The impressive rocks of Meteora host, among others, one of the few (less than 15) remaining pairs of the Egyptian Vulture in Greece...The riparian woodland host good numbers of the Semi-collared Flycatcher, the Middle Spotted Woodpecker and many other species (tits, nuthatches, etc) while the Roller, the Bee-eater, the Levant Sparrowhawk and the Golden Oriole are some of its specialties. This is really a place to be in May!

The Egyptian Vulture is one of the rarest birds of prey of Greece

Levant Sparrowhawks can be easily seen in riparian woodland

The Semi-collared Flycatcher is common and widespread 

Middle Spotted Woodpeckers are very easily seen 

One of the most beautiful summer visitors of the area is the Roller

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