Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Birdwatching in Athens: Attica's Golden Oriole haven

The Golden Oriole is a very rare summer visitor in Athens; breeding has been confirmed so far only in the area of Lake Marathon, an artificial reservoir created in the 1930s to supply drinking water to Athens. Nowadays it is a backup source of freshwater and access to its banks is not allowed for security reasons. However, the streams that feed the lake are easily accessible and there, among the numerous Nightingales, tits and other riparian forest dwellers, do the Golden Orioles breed. Their favorite tree is the Poplar, but any other large tree will do.
Charadros is the largest river that feeds the lake

The westernmost banks are home to a large number of birds
Little Bitterns, Turtle Doves, Great Reed Warblers and many more birds are also found in this unique for Athens freshwater habitat. It is also home to the Otter, though its observation is extremely diffult due to its secretive behaviour.

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