Monday, September 08, 2014

Birdwatching in Athens: Autumn migration update

The most interesting month of autumn migration is here and migrant numbers are increasing, day by day. Spotted Flycatchers have become very widespread and locally abundant, while Subalpine Warblers are still numerous. The numbers of Whitethroats and Gardean Warblers have slightly increased, while few Pied and Collared Flycatchers are also present. Wood Warbler is scarce in autumn, while Willow is very common.

Spotted Flycatcher 

Even Northern Wheatears visit the berry-rich Turpentine Trees

Garden Warbler
Flocks of Bee-eaters are flying at high altitude, while Yellow Wagtails are on the move. Redstarts and Eastern Orphean Warblers are also present, the latter being quite rare, though.

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