Thursday, October 16, 2014

Birdwatching in Greece: Looking for the Ring Ouzel, Greece's rarest thrush

The Ring Ouzel is a very rare resident of Greece, breeding birds confined to high altitude woodland of the north. Even in winter, it is by no means common, and most of the records come from birds shot (illegally) by hunters...
It seems, though, that it may be actually more common and widespread but overlooked among the hundreds of thousands of thrushes coming each winter to Greece. A group of more than 15 birds has been sighted on Mt Parnassus. The birds preferred the forest edge (alt: 1,800 m) and they were joined by Song Thrushes and Mistle Thrushes.

Ring Ouzel 
At the same area, small groups of Alpine Choughs flew overhead. This is the most common and widespread chough, found in most of the mountain regions of mainland Greece.

Alpine Chough

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