Friday, March 26, 2010

Male Pallid Harrier & Marsh Harrier

Migration in its high peak until the end of next month. Today, while birding in Pendeli Mt, I saw an awesome male Pallid Harrier, chasing its prey around the northen burnt slopes of the mountain. The way this bird flies is simply amazing, so elegant but yet so powerful. This is the first time I see this species in Greece, I have seen several ones last year in Cyprus

male Pallid Harrier @ Pendeli Mt

male Pallid Harrier @ Pendeli Mt. Same individual, dorsal view

Just a while before him, a male Marsh Harrier flew very fast in front of me. It is very unusual to see such species away from marshes and wetlands, but probably he was heading to Schinias, just a few kilometers away from Pendeli Mt.

male Marsh Harrier @ Pendeli Mt

Subalpine Warbler@ Pendeli Mt

An orchid species, waiting for identification (any comments will be valuable!)
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