Saturday, October 08, 2011

Greece's less known birds

Although favored by many foreign birdwatchers for its Mediterranean avifauna, Greece has also many Central European species, thriving in high altitude forests in the far north. The best place to look for them is, undoubtedly, Elatia Forest in the Prefecture of Drama in Eastern Macedonia, very close to the borders with Bulgaria. The unique Norway Spruce (Picea abies) forest is home to many birds like Capercaillie, Hazel Grouse, Ring Ouzel, Willow and Crested Tit, along with Treecreeper and many others. It is also rich in mammals, including Wolves and Brown Bears.

Willow Tits are very rare in Greece. They are very similar to Marsh Tits, and they are easily told only by voice
Crested Tits are found in high altitude conifer woodland of Northern Greece

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