Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Urban birding - part I

With the cost of gasoline raising up to 1.60 euros/lt and the fact that family is always in priority, time for long trips for birding is limited. Therefore, most birders start to go out for birdwatching more often in our local patches.
I recently went to Faliro Delta, close to Peace and Friendship Stadium, at Pireaus. I had the chance to see quite few species, ad get some nice pics of two Common Buzzards that were soaring just above Posidonos Avenue

Great Crested Grebe at Faliro, Pireaus

Sky Lark and Crested Lark at Faliro, Pireaus

Robin at Faliro, Pireaus

Crested Lark at Faliro, Pireaus

Great White Egret at Loutsa Lagoon, Athens
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