Monday, May 21, 2012

Great Spotted Cuckoo's new breeding site!

The great increase of the Magpie population in Greece has many adverse effects, still there is also a positive side (as always in life!). Great Spotted Cuckoos have also increased their breeding range. Once restricted to northeastern Greece and few islands of the Aegean, now there have been successful breeding attempts in many sites near Athens. The latest was recorded in Vravrona. One adult was seen in early April and now a fully grown juvenile can be seen flying aaround. 

Great Spotted Cuckoos's host species in Greece are the Hooded Crow and the Magpie. As the Magpie population is large in many other sites near Athens as well, further research could reveal many more successful breedings this year. In the near past, juveniles have been seen in Cape Sounio and Mt Penteli. Keep up the good work Spotties!

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