Monday, June 04, 2012

Lake Dystos June 2012 Trip Report (Part I)

June may not the best month to visit most of the popular birding sites of Southern Greece, there is one, however, that can be still very unteresting; Lake Dystos. All the breeding specialties can be seen quite easily, as long as one has a 4X4 vehicle. 46 species were seen in a half-day trip, including Olive-tree Warbler, Rock Partridge and Short-toed Lark.

 Olive-tree Warblers are common and widespread, found in mature olive, oak and almond trees

 Short-toed Larks are common in the adjacent vineyards of the south part of the Lake

Rock Partridge is found in the rocky slopes of Mt Koskina, south of Prasino village. 

Furthermore, Lesser Kestrels, Eleonora's Falcons and Long-legged Buzzards were among the numerous birds of prey seen. 

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