Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lake Karla Weekend Trip, September 21, 22

Lake Karla is one of the few environmental successes of the recent years. Formerly a large shallow lake, it was completely drained in 1964. Few years ago, a part of the former lake was reflooded to create an irrigation reservoir. The water level fluctuation provides excellent habitats for many waders, herons and other important species, including breeding Dalmatian Pelicans.

A weekend trip to the lake, the surrounding farmland and Mt Mavrovouni in the east of the lake yielded more than 85 species! Among them, Pygmy Cormorant, Spoonbill, White-backed Woodpecker and Red-breasted Flycatcher!

Syrian Woodpeckers are very common in the orchards and groves of the surrounding area

Two Red-breasted Flycatchers were seen in mature Oak woodland, in Mt Mavrovouni!

More than 20 Black Storks were resting in the grasslands near the lake

Dalmatian Pelicans started nesting in the lake in 2013!
Other interesting species were Rock Nuthatch, Sombre Tit, Middle Spotted Woodpecker, Black-eared Wheatear, Lesser Kestrel, Stone Curlew and Spoonbill. 
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