Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Birdwatching in Athens: It's raining (H2O and birds)!

It was a good winter, in terms of rain, and the fields of Spata are flooded once again; bad news for farmers but good news for birders! The first passage migrants have appeared - 10 Garganeys, more than 40 Green Sandpipers, along with a few Snipes and Little Ringed Plovers, a couple of Ruffs and a single Spotted Redshank. Flocks of House Martins and a few Barn Swallows are present as well.

Garganeys are always one of the first migrants to appear

Little Ringed Plovers are very common during passage

The signs are good for this area, and we hope that the area will remain flooded until May, so as to attract many more interesting wetland species! 

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